miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013


Lo último…

ANTENA3   Reportera en Informativos desarrollando las funciones de gestión, coordinación y producción de temas y directos. Andalucía, mayo 2011 - mayo 2012.

Teletoledo Responsable Área de Deportes. Presentadora y editora MAGAZINE de DEPORTES.Editora Informativos 21h. Toledo, febrero-abril 2011.
TELE 5          Reportera y redactora para directos y vídeos. Delegación Andalucía y País Vasco. 2011 y 2007.

RTVE             Reportera y redactora para los Servicios Informativos. Madrid y Toledo, 2010. 

CRN C-LM  Responsable y presentadora de magazine diario de actualidad. Reportera y presentadora en Informativos. Toledo, desde noviembre de 2007, 2008 y 2009.


LOCALIA       Editora, reportera y redactora de Informativos y programas. Donostia,  febrero-junio 2007.

LA TRIBUNA Redactora en el periódico provincial Edición Fin de Semana. Ciudad Real, enero- febrero 2007.

Mis primeros trabajos

R.EUSKADI  Locutora y redactora de magazine de prime time en la radio pública vasca.       Bilbao, febrero-junio, 2006.

Telebilbao    Colaboradora habitual en varios programas prime time. Bilbao, 2006 y 2007.

W H E RE     H A V E      I       W O R K E D ?
My most recent work…ANTENA3TV    Reporter of News. Management, coordination and production of the topics. Live broadcasting, making videos and stand ups. Sevilla, (Spain), May 2011- May 2012.

Sports reponsible

TV TOLEDO     Responsible Sports Area. Newsreading and editing a sports magazine. I was also newsreader. Toledo, (Spain), February- April, 2011.

Learning more

TELECINCO     Reporter of News. Live broadcasting, making videos, stand ups. Sevilla, (Spain). January, 2011.
RTVE                   Reporter, live broadcasting, making videos in News. Madrid and Toledo, (Spain). June- october, 2010.
CRN  C-LM      Responsible, producer and presenter of a daily magazine. Reporter and Newsreader too. Toledo, Castilla- La Mancha,(Spain). November 2007- november 2009.


LOCALIA TV     Reporter of News. Editor, reporter and redactor of news and programmes. Donostia- San Sebastián, (Spain). February- june, 2007,.
LA TRIBUNA    Writer on the provincial newspaper at weekends. Ciudad Real, (Spain). January- february, 2007.
IMÁS TV          News Correspondent and newsreader. Puertollano, Ciudad Real, (Spain) september-december, 2006.

My first jobs…

R.EUSKADI       Writer in a prime-time magazine in the public radio. Bilbao, (Spain). February- june, 2006.
TELEBILBAO     Team member on some programs in that local TV. Usual contributor in several prime-time programmes . Bilbao, (Spain). 2006 and 2007.

The world is not enough ! 

I was just 4 years old and I was already fascinated by TV. Sesame street was my favourite program, I really enjoyed with “Bert& Ernie”!. As a teenager “the grown-up stuffs” became important for me, I was devote of reporters telling stories from anywhere around the world! Peace & war countries, rich & poor, exotic & dangerous, magic & enigmatic, and the reality in many times overs the fiction.

Something was growing inside of me, something strange but wonderful and real... I discovered my vocation and millions of doubts about it. Could I became one of them?, Could I take a microphone to tell what I saw, I feel, I hear or I thought?, Could I be in front of a TV camera?, Would I be brave enough to tell those stories? I decided that this was my way... then and until now.

I´m whatever I've always dreamed being. I feel good because I know attitude is the real thing. Now just have a look at this webpage... It´s full of life, you´ll be surprised!