miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

The world is not enough ! 

I was just 4 years old and I was already fascinated by TV. Sesame street was my favourite program, I really enjoyed with “Bert& Ernie”!. As a teenager “the grown-up stuffs” became important for me, I was devote of reporters telling stories from anywhere around the world! Peace & war countries, rich & poor, exotic & dangerous, magic & enigmatic, and the reality in many times overs the fiction.

Something was growing inside of me, something strange but wonderful and real... I discovered my vocation and millions of doubts about it. Could I became one of them?, Could I take a microphone to tell what I saw, I feel, I hear or I thought?, Could I be in front of a TV camera?, Would I be brave enough to tell those stories? I decided that this was my way... then and until now.

I´m whatever I've always dreamed being. I feel good because I know attitude is the real thing. Now just have a look at this webpage... It´s full of life, you´ll be surprised!

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